ABV 4.6%Liberty has many similarities to the Hallertauer Mittlefruh. The cones contain a moderate amount of lupulin that is a light yellow colour. The aroma is mild and clean. Liberty has shown many similarities to a Golding hop but has just a hint of lemon/citrus flavour that gives it an extra edge on the smooth Golding flavour.


Liberty is a relatively new American aroma hop. Originating from a cross made in 1983, it is a triploid seedling of the Hallertauer Mittlefruh. It was released as a variety in 1991.


Abv. 4.6%


Liberty is a low-to-medium yielding, seedless aroma variety that matures early to mid-season. Most of the cultivated acreage is in Washington and Oregon. It is moderately resistant to downy mildew and except for slight infection by hop mosaic virus, it has remained free of major hop viruses. It is sensitive to spider mites and aphids.

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