Galena is generally perceived as an excellent high alpha hop with balanced bittering potential. The very strong tomcat / blackcurrant aroma characteristics are similar to that of the old Bullion variety which for many years was used in Guinness. A very strong fruity character can be achieved with this variety.


The Galena cultivar was selected from an open pollinated cross from Brewers Gold, it is a bitter variety that was developed in Idaho in the late 1970s. Released in 1978 it is now a major U.S. High Alpha hop.


Abv. 5.1%


Galena is a fair yielding bitter variety that matures mid-season. It is grown in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. It is moderately susceptible to Downy Mildew and is susceptible to Prunus necrotic ring spot virus. Aphid and mite control can become a problem with this variety.

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