Posted on January 30th, 2016

Next week I’ll be brewing another single hopped ale using EQUINOX, a sought after hop I only managed to get hold of via my friends at All Gates Brewery in Wigan. Times are hard hop-wise so we have to be creative.

Here is the challenge. Anyone who can be arsed to do it can submit a pump clip design to me for EQUINOX, and the winning design will be used this time and at any time in the future when it becomes available again.

Guidelines – You can all see our clips on the website, it needs to fit into that space on the top. Try not to be too obvious about ripping off other peoples artwork (I can do without a law suit). Anything else I can filter out myself. I will put a credit on the clip for the winner if they want. I will incorporate it into the Pictish template and will liaise with the winner regarding border colours etc.

The prize – Bragging rights, feel good factor, a deep sense of self satisfaction, maybe a tee shirt, badge, a life long friend, you know that sort of thing.

Entries need to be in by Friday 5 February (not long) and the choice will be made on Saturday, printed on Sunday and distributed on Monday with the beer.

Not open to commercial design companies, please don’t phone me for God’s sake.

Looking forward to seeing some creativity! Submit to