Brew News

New Beer!

NEW BEER AVAILABLE IN CASK NOW – a big hoppy premium dark amber ale at 5.8% abv. Bursting with American Comet hops, and dry hopped for an additional punch of citrus flavours.

Inspired by my recent trip to Mayan ruins in the Guatemalan jungle, the pump clip features Vucub Caquix a lord of the Mayan underworld, Xibalba.

Take him by the hand and descend the nine levels of the inframundo for a transcendental sensory experience 😉

Tikal, Guatemala

Mallinsons / Pictish Collaboration!

As some may have seen on Twitter already, YES! I have collaborated with Mallinsons and we have created a beer which will be available at Manchester Beer and Cider Festival for everyone to try.

Obviously, there was some sort of a decision process we had to endure.

Where to brew? Huddersfield – my kit is far too tiny!

What to brew? Tara and Elaine obviously must share the rebellious streak I have in my nature, because within about 10 seconds it was decided that we were definitely not brewing a pale, single hopped ale. So we went with dark, brown, multi-hop. Exactly what everyone would expect. Not.

ABV? What the hell! 6.0%

Brew day was great, I was made to feel so welcome by Tara, Elaine, Nick and Sandy (who brewed up a couple of times – good lad!). I confess I was struggling at times to work out where the hell all the pipework went etc. It’s amazing how many completely different ways there are of doing exactly the same thing!

It was interesting that they have the same lack of lunch break thing going on as I do – luckily I was early (I did have a lie in after all ha ha) and got a butty from the shop next door to the Star Inn. Too early to knock on and say hello to Sam though. Anyway, lunch is for wimps.

I like to think I’m pretty good at digging out the mash tun but I got fed up 3/4 of the way through and handed over to Nick. My average brew has 180kg of malt – there was nearly 500 in this one!

Anyway, brewing is brewing, I was bitten by the copper (steam burn) blah blah blah. We did it it and I am looking forward to having a try myself – as I was back on the other side of the Pennines I didn’t get the pleasure before it was racked!

See you at Manchester Central!


Available this week, our latest addition to the single hop range, Equinox 4.2%. A difficult hop to get hold of so may not be repeated for a while. “A pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper.”

Pump clip designed by our winner Brian Fairclough – we had quite a few good ones to choose from but this one stood out as being typically “Pictish”. Well done Brian!!!

Design a Pump Clip!

Next week I’ll be brewing another single hopped ale using EQUINOX, a sought after hop I only managed to get hold of via my friends at All Gates Brewery in Wigan. Times are hard hop-wise so we have to be creative.

Here is the challenge. Anyone who can be arsed to do it can submit a pump clip design to me for EQUINOX, and the winning design will be used this time and at any time in the future when it becomes available again.

Guidelines – You can all see our clips on the website, it needs to fit into that space on the top. Try not to be too obvious about ripping off other peoples artwork (I can do without a law suit). Anything else I can filter out myself. I will put a credit on the clip for the winner if they want. I will incorporate it into the Pictish template and will liaise with the winner regarding border colours etc.

The prize – Bragging rights, feel good factor, a deep sense of self satisfaction, maybe a tee shirt, badge, a life long friend, you know that sort of thing.

Entries need to be in by Friday 5 February (not long) and the choice will be made on Saturday, printed on Sunday and distributed on Monday with the beer.

Not open to commercial design companies, please don’t phone me for God’s sake.

Looking forward to seeing some creativity! Submit to

In the Cellar!

An overdue update as to what beers we have available for you from this week! As you can see, we have something new – another addition to our single hop range JARRYLO 4.0%. You can use the search bar at the top of our page to check out additional information. Enjoy!


From this coming week, we’ll have the following beers available for your enjoyment! Brewers Gold and Alchemists Ale also available as usual.

citramosaicRAKAU08-AUG-Corn Dollymthood

April special Maelstrom abv 5.0% available now

A quick update as to what’s out and about – DELTA abv 4.7% and our April special MAELSTROM abv 5.0%. Yes, I know it’s still March.