Pictish Cans group shot
Posted on August 15th, 2020

We are Pictish Brewery and we brew cask conditioned beer.
There you are, it’s what we do.
Over two decades of brewing, we’ve won a few awards for our beer and – if we’re honest we love what we do. Tasty, drinkable, full flavoured beers. With a core range we’re proud of and a love of playing with hops. We love hops.
We’re small, and to be honest we quite like being small. It means we can do different things, we can be flexible. But being small, doesn’t mean you’re immune to events. And as has been the case for many (if not all!) breweries, the last few months have brought immense challenges.
Because we’re small and work pretty much flat out, in the past we haven’t really had the time to stop. To take stock. Ever since taking over from Richard in 2013, we’ve simply been too busy. But the one thing you can say about the Coronavirus pandemic is, it gives you time to think and look at things differently.
One thing that – as a Brewery – we have never had the time to consider, is selling beer in small pack. The beer has always been sold from a cask, in a pub.
Until now.

Say “Hello” to Pictish beer as you’ve never seen it before. In a CAN!
For us, this is a big step. So this decision hasn’t been rushed. We don’t rush things here. We want to get them right. And we wouldn’t be happy until they were. Until we were as proud of the beer as we are with our cask output. And, finally, we think we’ve got there. Got it where we want it. Tasty, easy drinking beer – except now, you can have it in the pub OR drink it at home. The best of both worlds!
Will this change our attitude to cask? No, not one bit. We love what we do and we’re quietly quite proud of it. You’ll still be able to get our beer in some of the best pubs across the North. That – we hope – won’t change. We’ll always try to make the best beer we can. The difference is now, you can also have it at home.
So come and get some. Pictish beers, in your fridge. Who’d have thought? And remember, you won’t find these lovelies in a supermarket.
Refreshment is just a click away! (Click here to buy the good stuff!)